Yesterday afternoon, I made a snack of sharp white cheddar, a couple tablespoons of whole green peppercorns, and shots of soy sauce, consumed sequentially in a sort of gastronomic round-robin elimination tournament.

Note to self: add "only the green parts of green peppercorns" to the list of decadent foods, a vegetal corollary to "small parts of big animals."

Cooking Satisfaction

Alyssa and I have been "together" for nine years. We discovered our mutual interests in Indian food during the first few months.

Sunday, August 15th, 2010: I finally make a dal that we both like.

Now I can make dal for both of us for dinner.

I am super excited by this.

Direct Plutocracy

How about we get rid of voting altogether and decide each ballot issue by direct donation of dollars to the governing body for.

(Admittedly, that's just snide.)

Representative government depresses me. Autarchies may not be in vogue, but they do a better job of achieving their ideals than many other forms.

Dream: The Strawberry Tree

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010:

I walked out to the strawberry tree in our yard. It grew by the base of the huge pine tree, and it looked like a pine tree without any needles. It was 34 degrees and damp outside; I had to trim the tree before winter and harvest some forgotten strawberries. I accidentally cut off a fruiting branch, and the berries disappeared. I searched all around in the shaggy lawn, but couldn't find the cluster of berries. I realized the must have fallen into the pasta pot—our huge spaghetti pot sat on the lawn, full of hot water, murky with oil and starch.
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Dream: Nemoren's Impossible Restaurant

Wed, Jan 6th.

Pop music played over the PA at the public library because it was a special day at MPR. I joined a couple friends for breakfast, and they drove me to a new place in a residential neighborhood. Small trees along the property's edge hid the restaurant from the street. The winding walkway was lined with page plants, tall shrubs with huge, succulent leaves the size and shape of foam hands. We crossed a small hill and came to the mowed clearing where the restaurant stood.
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